With small modifications Caprice32 starts Aleste BDOS ROM. Right now it does not have full support yet, but you can look at Aleste’s screens.

The simulator can load 720 KB FAT disk image witch you can make with PC or MSX computer. The disk image can be edited by PC or just WinImage tool. The archive file has few demo disk images. After reset Aleste’s shows boot screen (screen shifted to the left, hope this bag will fixed in future). If disk image mounted you will see MSX-DOS welcome screen. Disk image has few Aleste’s applications. The MAG player works but emulation is not optimized yet. Be sure that you have 32 bits screen mode.


Caprice32Aleste on GitHub

Binaries caprice32-aleste.rar
Source caprice32-aleste-src.rar
MagicSound audio record mag.mp3

What does not work at this moment

How to control emulator

Caprice32 King Valley
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