At the time when people sold Covoxes and play popular ST files was born an idea to build the MagicSound board for Aleste computer. Our specifications were:

A lot of time we spent for design the memory management and expansion slot pinout then we spen some time for design stable DMA communication protocol. Then was madden first MagicSound board (but at this point board had no name). The DMA controller used at that board was slow and doesn’t support transfer more then 16 KB per action. It showed that idea works.

After that DMA controller was replaced to IC from i86 series and was developed good memory manager which lets to DMA IC access to whole 2 MB memory space. The first board «MagicSound» was designed and prototyped quicly, after was coded first ST file’s player.


The MagicSound's files on Aleste 520EX on GitHub


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